Your interiors painted – only with a roller from Blue Dolphin!

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Your interiors painted – only with a roller from Blue Dolphin!


Are you preparing to renovate the apartment and complete the necessary items? Are you planning for the first time to paint the living room yourself and are looking for accessories that will facilitate this task for you? Or maybe you are an experienced painter and all the articles you have used so far have not met your expectations? If you answered yes to any of the above questions – we have an offer for you! For both long-term employees of renovating companies and people just starting their adventure with painting, we have created the Bluedolphin 330 paint roller. This innovative equipment will allow you to cover even the most demanding surfaces with paint – quickly and extremely efficiently. See for yourself!


Appearance matters



You can see at first glance that the Bluedolphin 330 series paint roller differs from other brands. Noteworthy include its ergonomic handle, which definitely improves the comfort of work. It makes painting much more comfortable – the grip is more secure and the hand does not slip. The non-standard shape also has its own contribution. It is rounded on the sides, which prevents the accumulation of paint on the edges – this way it prevents dripping and splashing.


Save time and money


However, the Bluedolphin 330 paint roller offers much more than just comfortable painting. His refill has been designed so as not to leave bristles on painted surfaces. It also does not lose its fluffiness – even after repeated use. In this way, it perfectly absorbs paint and also perfectly captures and distributes it. It allows for extremely efficient work, but also minimizes the number of moves that need to be done to paint the entire room. Therefore, any renovation work carried out using a paint roller series 330 is less time consuming than when using products of other brands.


Painting has never been easier


In the construction of the paint roller of the 330 series, the method of attaching the insert also deserves attention. Its possible sliding was prevented by a specially prepared latch. There is no chance for it to move along the rotating cylinder. This, as well as many other mentioned above innovative solutions applied in the roller series 330 from Blue Dolphin, makes it guarantee efficient work for many years. See for yourself!